CVW-15 Intermediate Maintenance Activity

A typical air wing squadron IMA detachment is shown in the image below. It is a photo of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron VAW-116 IMA with ship's company sailors John Kaufman standing 5th from the left and me kneeing 4th from the left. The photo was taken on the first VAW-116 and also the first Vietnam combat cruise for John and me. VAW-116 IMA

Intermediate Maintenance Activity (IMA) is not assigned aircraft for operational purposes. It concentrates effort on repairing and testing aircraft system components.

The organizational structure of the IMA is made up of staff management and production work centers. The work centers focus on aviation maintenance categories: avionics, armament equipment, power plants, airframes and aviation life support.

USS Coral Sea has a basic crew of sailors assigned in each category to maintain the work centers when the air wing is not deployed aboard. John Kaufman and I were two of these ship's company sailors. The air wing squadrons supply the personnel complement to bring the work centers up to the level necessary to support air wing operations. The US Navy rates found in a typical IMA are: