US Navy Shipyard at Hunters Point, CA

The San Francisco Naval Shipyard was a United States Navy shipyard in San Francisco, located on 638 acres of waterfront at Hunters Point in the southeast corner of the city.

Originally, Hunters Point was a commercial shipyard established in 1870, consisting of two graving docks. It was purchased and built up in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century by the Union Iron Works company, later owned by the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Company and named Hunters Point Drydocks, located at Potrero Point.

Hunters Point, CAThe shipyard was purchased by the Navy in 1940, a year before the Attack on Pearl Harbor. It began operations the next year as the San Francisco Naval Shipyard, and operated until 1974 when it was deactivated and renamed Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Used commercially for a time, in 1986 it was taken over by the Navy again as the home port of the USS Missouri battlegroup, under the name Treasure Island Naval Station Hunters Point Annex.

The photo at left was taken in May 1968. USS Coral Sea CVA-43 is in the center of the image with her bow pointing at 4-oclock on the right margin. In Dry Dock astern of the Coral Sea is USS Midway CVA-41. Two other carriers can also be seen counter-clockwise of Coral Sea, USS Hancock CVA-19 and USS Oriskany CVA-34 near the top of the image.