VAW-13 Zappers EA-1F Skyraider

VAW-13 EA-1F Skyraider

VAW-13VAW-13 NL703During the Vietnam War detachments from VAW-13 were deployed on aircraft carriers operating on Yankee and Dixie Stations. AEW Squadron VAW-13 Detachment 43 deployed with EA-1F aircraft aboard USS Coral Sea 26 July 1967 until 6 April 1968 when the ship completed its 3rd Vietnam Combat Cruise. This was the the last combat deployment for VAW-13 DET 43 of their propeller driven aircraft with the EA1-F Skyraider aboard the USS CORAL SEA (CVA-43) with CVW-15.

Squadron VAW-13 was commissioned at NAS Agana, Guam Sept 1, 1959 and transferred to NAS Alameda, CA in July 1961. On September 30, 1968 VAW-13 and its Skyraiders passed into the Naval History books as one of the last great propeller squadrons to serve in the US NAVY but the love of the plane and all its personnel live on.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Ribbon Armed Forces Expeditionary Operations

During late February 1968 there was snow and ice on deck while conducting Operation Formation Star cold weather training in the Sea of Japan. This operation prepared men and machines for duty in March 1968 while USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), with VAW-13 DET Zappers embarked, operated on station off the coast of Korea following the capture of USS Pueblo (AGER-2) in January by North Korea.

Deployment with New Aircraft & Squardon Designation

VAQ-130 Modex 015VAQ-130 ZappersIn the spring of 1967 while ashore at NAS Alameda, Ca, VAW-13 received their first EKA-3Bs and KA-3Bs. On 7 September 1968 AEW Squadron VAW-13 Detachment 43 deployed with EKA-3B Skywarrior aircraft for the 4th USS Coral Sea Vietnam Combat Cruise. The next month the squadron was re-designated Tactical Warfare Squadron 130 VAQ-130 on October 1, 1968. The Zappers operated EKA-3B aircraft aboard CORAL SEA until the ship returned on 18 April 1969.