VA-216 Black Diamonds A-4C Skyhawk

VA-216 A-4C Skyhawk

VA-216VA-216, nicknamed the Black Diamonds, was an Attack Squadron of the US Navy. It was established on 30 March 1955, and disestablished 15 years later 1 August 1970.

VA-216 fly A-4C aircraft on Coral Sea's 4th Vietnam Combat Cruise

07 SEP 1968 to 18 APR 1969: VA-216 flying the Douglas A-4C Skyhawk deployed with CVW-15 aboard USS Coral Sea CVA 43 to combat in WESTPAC/Vietnam.

21 NOV 1968: VA-216 A-4C Skyhawk BuAer 148608 lost in an accident. Catapult shot put A-4C in water—Memorial FlagCDR Marvin Joel Naschek perished.

03 JAN 1969: VA-216 A-4C Skyhawk BuAer 147764 NL 610 was shot down over Laos. The aviator, LTJG R. M. Aaron, ejected and was rescued.

14 FEB 1969: VA-216 A-4C Skyhawk BuAer 149529 NL 607 was shot down over Laos. The aviator, POW MIA FlagLTJG L. J. Stevens, was declared "Missing in Action."


VA-216 A-4C Skyhawk BuAer 148547 NL 601 was shot down over Laos. The aviator, LCDR J. F. Meeham, ejected and was rescued.

VA-216Variant: A-4C
Custodian: VA-216
BuAer: 147698
Modex: NL-605
Location: air-to-air
Date: circa 1968
Contact: G. Verver
Photo Credit: CAPT D.L. Clarke
Description: right side view of Black Diamonds Skyhawk BuAer 147698, NL-605, and BuAer 149529, NL-607, over Yankee Station.